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More Essential Jazz Chords

A while back I posted an article entitled “8 Essential Jazz Chord Forms for the Beginning Jazz Guitarist“. This article focused on the importance of developing your knowledge of seventh chords with their roots located on the 5th and 6th strings.  To take this concept further, let’s take a look at the same jazz chords that we learned in last article but with the root(the note “C”) located on the 4th string. 

Here they are for CMaj7, Cm7, C7 and Cm7b5:

4th string root chords - 1

4th string root chords - 2 

Identify and pay attention to which notes change with each chord.  Practice these chords as well as the ones in the previous article, by playing them up and down the fretboard chromatically.

After you do that, try applying them to some tunes.  In fact, that’s what we’ll do in the next lesson.  Stay tuned!



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    Love the site, indeed. Good job folks.

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    Thanks for your lessons and very very good job

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