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A while back I posted an article entitled “8 Essential Jazz Chord Forms for the Beginning Jazz Guitarist“. This article focused on the importance of developing your knowledge of seventh chords with their roots located on the 5th and 6th strings.  To take this concept further, let’s take a look at the same jazz chords […]

Creative Guitar Comping »

By Dave Fox, Pianist In this article Dave Fox gives us jazz guitarists some insight into how to play with a piano player: I am a small-group leader who likes a rhythm section to consist of guitar, bass and drums. What’s unusual about that, you ask? Nothing – except for the fact that I play […]

Getting Started With The Blues »

This is the second article in a series for beginning jazz guitarists. In the last lesson, I gave you what I considered to be the 8 Essential Jazz Guitar Chords. I consider them essential because they can be used right away to play through a number of jazz guitar tunes. Well, now that you’ve learned […]

8 Essential Jazz Chord Forms for the Beginning Jazz Guitarist »

When you’re starting out as a jazz guitarist, it can be overwhelming to think of all of the chords that you have to learn. Most rock and blues guitarists are familiar with open string chords, barre chords and other “plain” chord types. Well, jazz guitarists like to spice it up and we often use extended […]