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Jazz Guitar Lick – Cmaj7/Am7 »

Hey all, Here’s a jazz guitar lick that can be played over a Cmaj7 or Am7 chord. If you’re already getting my free email newsletter, you already recieved the pdf tab version of this lick. As I promised, here’s a video demonstration of it.  If you’re not yet getting my free email newsletter, why not […]

How to Improve Your Smooth Jazz Improv Skills »

Anyone who’s followed my site for awhile knows that I emphasize building your jazz vocabulary by listening to the players you like and working with good transcriptions of solos.   The idea being that the more you work those licks and phrases into your own playing, you’ll eventually create your own voice when improvising.  This is […]

Minor Jazz Guitar lick »

Ok, I’m back — Helping you build your jazz vocabulary. Here’s a nice jazz guitar lick that can be played over a Dm7 chord.  Also, try it over G7 or other chords in the key of C.   To download the pdf chart for this lick just click below and sign up for my email […]

Just Friends Solo Transcription »

Some of you have asked that I produce a transcription of the solo that I played in this video here: I’m happy to report that I have completed the PDF chart for you to download. Here’s what you get: Standard Notation – An accurate transcription of all the notes that I played in that […]

Using Licks and Phrases in Your Solos »

The first video in this lesson demonstrates how to play a 2-5-1 phrase in the key of F. Gm7-C7-FMaj7. The concept that I used to create this phrase is the same as with the phrase that we learned last time. I’m basically using a Gm7 arpeggio and then transitioning to a diminished substitution to the […]

251 Phrase in the Key of C »

In the following video, I show how to play a nice 2-5-1 phrase in the key of C. Dm7-G7-Cmaj7. The ii-V-I progression is the most popular chord progression in all of jazz. It’s critical that you learn how to play over this progression. Take you time with this lick. Rhythmically, it might be a little […]